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A visual interpretation of Per Noergaard’s (Danish modern composer) String Quartet no. 10

Per Noergaards fascinating music has for years been an inspiration for my work. I do not play any instrument myself, but I can listen! When I play his music a lot of images come tossing into my head.
During autumn 2012 I worked with a series of five images painted on tall (120 inches) fabric-panels. These were meant to visualize my idea of his 10th String Quartet called “Harvest Timeless”. This piece of chamber music is not divided into movements by composer hand. But as a preparation for my paintings, I divided the music myself into five pieces after the different pauses and shifts I could hear.

I went into a universe characterized by transparency, lyric atmosphere, strictly precision and improvisation; rising lightness and heavy falls.
The string players draw quick lines and paint in fluent colours. I spend a lovely time going into the music, and let my senses direct the work of hand and body.

I was happy to exhibit this series in Oeckenlund Gallery October 2012.
Along with this I showed a canvas painted to “Voyage Into The Golden Screen”, an early work from Per Noergaard.

Listen to String Quartet no. 10 “Harvest Timeless” here