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The Path photo-installation took place in Fordham Gallery, Fordham Street, London E1 in May 2001.

It was an important show for me, because it deals with the importance of finding your own way in life. Sometimes you can run, other times you have to crawl, and in between you have to follow a difficult unknown path.

You can’t be sure you can see the goal from the start, but it will come within reach sooner or later, if you pass the obstacles (the troubles) one by one.

From Genesis, Collective Furor, Exodus:

To take a place or to give up a place, that is the whole question.  There are those who take places, there are those who give them up.  Those who take places take places always and everywhere, and those who give up places always do so.  There are places taken, there are no unoccupied places. Space consists of, and is saturated with places taken, and in the swarm restless, almost motionless, the takers.  The restlessness comes from the struggle for a place.  All space is noisy, clamorous, it is a cloud, a chaos, under the martial and stable law of noise and combat…
Those who take the places are unstable and stable.  They create motion and rest… They appear to be agitating, they are agitated.  The whole of the swarming is equal to nullity.  No, they do not do nothing, but they fake doing…
Those who are taking the places remain stable through exchange and substitution, by changing-of-the-guard and lieutenancy…
The one doesn’t get any further than the other.  And through substitution, there is only murder and appearance.
Those who give up their places, move and flow.  Their  blankness is pure processuality.  To yield means to take a step.  To step aside, we say.  Those who step aside, those who cede their place, begin, by their cession, a process.  Those who take the places stabilize them and drown them in noise.  Those who give up their place have already taken a step…

Aeneas, son of Venus, hail.  Aphrodite belongs to love, for having left the noise.