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Large abstracts

Over a long period I have proceed into an abstract language in painting, which I mean makes the content of my images more open.

My startingpoint is still an idea, but by not painting naturalistic I hope to not fix the viewer in a certain point of view, but in the opposite the viewer is free to put their own experiences and feelings into the atmospheres that I set.

I am attracted to paint to music with a strong structure along which, the improvisations can develop. Jazzmusic of Miles Davies and Keith Jarret has this quality, and has music from the Danish classical composer Per Nørgård. This music sets me free to improvise without any other restrictions than the ones I put on myself

I set up some few strong rules for my painting; it can be the atmosphere, the colour-scale and/or composition and then I am free to play and enjoy painting.
Later on I step back to analyse and decide whether the work shall stay or get lost again.